Home Business Intelligence Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys When Writing DAX in Energy BI Desktop

Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys When Writing DAX in Energy BI Desktop

Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys When Writing DAX in Energy BI Desktop


DAX Keyboard Shortcuts in Power BI Desktop

Keyboard shortcuts is an fascinating subject for developes that may actually enhance your report growth in Energy BI Desktop. On this publish I present you some keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys when writing DAX in Energy BI Desktop.


  • Indend proper: Ctrl + ]
  • Indent left: Ctrl + [

Mini-tip: You can also indent your code to ther right by pressing TAB or indent left by pressing Shift + TAB. But, the difference is that if your cursor is in the middle of a line, when you press TAB it divides your code to two pieces and indends the characters to the right from the position that cursor is in.

  • New line keep indent: Shift + Enter
  • New line starting from first of line: Alt + Enter
  • Activate Intellicence: Ctrl + Space
  • Comment multiple lines: Ctrl + KC or Ctrl + /
  • Uncomment multiple lines: Ctrl + KU or Ctrl + /
  • Move the current line up/down: Alt + Up/Down Arrow Key
  • Enter multiple lines of code at once: Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down Arrow Key
  • Find and replace a word: Ctrl + D to highlight the current word, Ctrl + D again to find/highligh the same next word. Continue pressing Ctrl + D to find/highlight all same words, then start typing to replace all words at once
  • Find and replace all of a kind at once: Ctrl + Shift + L to highlight a part of your DAX expression then start typing to replace the highlighted words at once

Mini-tip: You can use Ctrl + / to comment/uncomment all lines including a desired word.

  • Go to line number: Ctrl + G
  • Deleting a word: Ctrl + Del
  • Deleting a/multiple lines: Ctrl + Shif + K. To highlight multiple lines then Ctrl + Shif + K

Question: Do the shortcuts above work when writing DAX in Power Pivot or SSAS Tabular Model? No!

Last word: I was thinking of adding screen captured GIF animations, but, I thought it takes a lot of time to produce such a thing and this is meant to be a quick tip. So I didn’t do that.




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