Home Green Business Does Boiling Water Unclog a Drain? I Examined It.

Does Boiling Water Unclog a Drain? I Examined It.

Does Boiling Water Unclog a Drain? I Examined It.


Does boiling water unclog a drain?

Sure, people, it’s yet one more in my collection of experiments to attempt to discover a unhazardous strategy to unclog my constantly-clogging bathtub drain. My tub is operating actually gradual proper now, so I’m going to attempt to decide the next: does boiling water unclog a drain?

When you have been following this weblog, you already know that to date I’ve tried:

None of those have given me nice outcomes. And admittedly, I’ve gotten the impression that what little profit I’ve gotten from these therapies could be due extra to the recent water than no matter merchandise I’m utilizing. So I made a decision to do a straight-up check on utilizing plain outdated boiling water to unclog my drain and see how that goes.

Warning: When you have a more moderen residence with PVC drain pipes, you might wish to be cautious with dumping boiling water instantly into your drain. Learn extra right here.

Utilizing Boiling Water to Unclog a Drain

I’ll run this check the identical as all of the others. First I mark a spot on the aspect of the bathtub with a chunk of masking tape.

Filling tub drain

Then I put a stopper within the drain and fill the bathtub to the underside of the tape line. I begin a timer as quickly as I take away the stopper, timing how lengthy it takes to empty. That is my management time.

Management Time: 7 minutes, 53 seconds

As I mentioned, my tub is operating REALLY gradual proper now. Any enchancment I can get on this draining time could be very welcome. So I heated and dumped three full pots of boiling scorching water down the drain. (FYI, I used an electrical teapot, the water will get good and piping scorching pretty rapidly.)

Then I ended the drain, refilled the bathtub to the road and timed how lengthy it took to empty once more.

After 3 Pots Boiling Water: 5 minutes and 53 seconds

That’s an enchancment of two minutes precisely. Fairly good! Nonetheless, the water is certainly not draining rapidly but, it nonetheless backs up into the bathtub. I made a decision to go forward and dump two extra pots of boiling water down the drain to see if I may proceed to make progress.

After 5 Pots Boiling Water: 5 minutes and 36 seconds

So solely an enchancment of 17 seconds extra. As I sort of anticipated, there are diminishing returns after the preliminary enchancment. Over the course of the week, I continued to place extra boiling water down this drain in hopes that ultimately it could run clear, but it surely’s nonetheless backing up. It looks as if I’ve gotten as a lot profit out of the recent water as I’m going to get.


Go forward and check out boiling water to unclog your drain, it does appear to assist considerably, however don’t anticipate miracles.



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