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Are the Immigrants A part of the Decline & Fall? – Funding Watch

Are the Immigrants A part of the Decline & Fall? – Funding Watch


by Martin Armstrong

The invasion of migrants, each in Europe and the US, is evolving into a serious crime wave not seen in a long time. In Germany, Berlin regarded like a warfare zone. There have been 3,943 incidents, however when recuse employees arrived, they had been intentionally attacked. Some 15 firefighters and 18 cops had been injured. The Bild newspaper has reported that these incidents had been “significantly dangerous assaults within the hotspot neighborhoods of Kreuzberg and Neukölln with a excessive proportion of migrants.” They had been organising barricades, setting them on hearth, and when the firefighters arrived, they had been attacked by some 200 males. There have been even attacking an ambulance, hurling objects contained in the automobile’s open rear doorways.

I’ve been getting emails from individuals shocked right here in the US from cities that by no means had any homeless are all of the sudden inundated. This mass migration into Europe and the US is paying homage to the barbarian invasions into Rome. Rome formally fell in 476AD with the final emperor named Romulus Augustus (475-476AD).

The barbarians successfully took over and even issued cash pretending to be Roman. They imitated the Roman Coinage. There had even been legal guidelines handed insisting you solely marry a Latin. Even to this very day, in Italy, they don’t take into account these in Sicily Italians in some elements. I had gone right into a bakery in Rome and requested for a cannoli. The proprietor needed to drag a knife on me yelling that’s not “Italian, it’s Sigii” which means from Sicily.

These migrations are all a part of the decline and fall. Identical to in Rome, as soon as that course of started, there was no turning again. They convey a unique tradition that undermined the traditions that held society collectively making a civilization that can not be. The migration of the nineteenth century from Europe to America didn’t happen due to welfare applications. Folks got here to America for the land of alternative to work and to purchase property. They didn’t come searching for free cash after which wage warfare and violence to out of frustration demanding each extra free cash.



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